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San Jose Pot Dispensary Booming Ahead of Likely Shortage

July 3, 2018

Weed watchers say Northern California could be seeing a marijuana shortage in the next few weeks due to new regulations that create new challenges and a run on the current crop.

First recreational marijuana shops open in California

January 1, 2018

While most of the Bay Area was still sound asleep, thousands of polite, cheerful and suddenly law-abiding marijuana customers awoke before dawn on New Year’s Day to stand in line for the state’s first-ever legal sales of a long-demonized plant.

$4B Brave New World: Updates on the launch of California’s recreational marijuana market

January 1, 2018

Marijuana Business Daily reporter John Schroyer is on the ground in Berkeley, California, and will post live updates throughout New Year’s Day from the longest-operating medical cannabis dispensary in the country – Berkeley Patients Group (BPG).

California’s Legal Cannabis Sales Begin: Leafly’s Full Coverage

New Year’s Day marked the beginning of adult-use cannabis sales in California, a milestone that ushered in a new era of regulated legalization in America’s most populous state. Leafly reporters fanned out across the state to cover the festivities, and editors will be updating this page throughout the launch of legal sales.