Dennis O’Malley

CEO & President

Dennis O’Malley is CEO & President of Caliva, the largest vertically integrated cannabis company in California. Driven by a passion for enabling people to choose their own health and wellness options, Mr. O’Malley has launched Caliva into a rapid growth phase, racing to become the #1 trusted brand in cannabis. Mr. O’Malley has over a 20 year track record of leadership roles in fast growing companies in emerging markets as well as successfully raising capital from institutional investors and in addition holds multiple technology patents. Most recently Mr. O’Malley co-founded and lead a venture backed software company that enabled brands like Red Bull, Nike, Adidas, The North Face, and Reebok to scale their revenue through ambassador marketing programs. The company was sold in 2016 for a 10x revenue multiple. Mr. O’Malley holds an MBA from Santa Clara University where he graduated with honors. 


Steve Allan


Steve Allan is CFO of Caliva, responsible for Finance & Accounting, Data Analytics, Legal & Human Resources, and Investor Relations.  Steve brings a strong financial background and passion for growth to his role at Caliva.  For the decade prior to joining Caliva in 2017, Steve was the Head of SVB Analytics and SVB Securities Strategic Advisory, responsible for the three areas of information services provided to the innovation economy, Strategic Advisory Services, Compliance Valuations, and Insights.  Before SVB, he worked with J.P. Morgan Chase in New York for the firm's fixed income trading business on the proprietary and client-focused U.S. Dollar Fixed Income Derivatives desks.  Before J.P. Morgan, Steve worked with AT&T, working with finance, marketing and sales.  During this time, Steve also co-authored the winning business plan and best presentation award winner for the IrishAngels-sponsored University of Notre Dame McCloskey Social Business Plan Competition with a plan for a socially-focused, hybrid for-benefit organization, PEPY Tours. He then served as a board member and Chief Financial Officer for the organization.  Steve earned a Master's in business administration from Duke University's Fuqua School of Business and a bachelor's degree in finance from the University of Notre Dame.   He has been conferred the Chartered Financial Analyst designation.


Larry Thacker

Chief Compliance Officer

Larry Thacker is a successful entrepreneur specializing in large regulated health care operations. His auspicious career is highlighted by his success in building and selling the largest independent medical supply and specialty pharmacy in California. He believes in partnering and giving back to the communities he invests in. Passionate about philanthropy, Larry is involved with the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation as well as the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life. Larry is the father of six children and in his spare time enjoys travelling and discovering fine wines.


Matt McLean

Chief Digital Officer

Matt McLean’s career in product development and business operations has been punctuated by his history of building and implementing new and innovative business solutions that improve the customer experience as well as internal business processes.  As the Global Senior Vice President for Westfield Labs, the Research & Development division of Westfield Corporation, a global shopping mall management firm, Mr. McLean efforts advanced the company’s development of digital solutions, including the “Searchable Mall” that is designed to improve the customer’ shopping experience at 146 shopping centers worldwide, serving 1.4B shoppers annually.
Prior to his tenure with Westfield Labs, Mr. McLean served in a product management capacity with Cisco Systems, charged with planning and executing the integration of service offerings by acquired companies into Cisco’s existing operational and financial infrastructure.  At CompareNetworks, a start-up that he launched with seed money from family and friends, Mr. McLean led the company through the product development and launch phases, growing revenue to a peak of $25M.  A common theme for Mr. McLean’s career is that he is a driving force behind sustainable top line revenue growth by initiating go-to-market plans that consistently exceeded revenue expectations.


Shannon Harder Ronald

Chief Culture Officer

As Chief Culture Officer, Shanny Harder Ronald promotes a work climate that utilizes the talent, diversity and passion of Caliva’s workforce of more than 250 employees. Her leadership focuses on building strong independent team engagement and collaboration among teams throughout the company. Shanny’s capacity to inspire employees to bring greater purpose, passion and productivity to work was developed during her global engagement with other spiritual, community and organizational leaders.  Among her greatest achievements, Shanny was part of a collaborative global leadership initiative to bring 140 communities together for a common purpose. She led the development of a structure to select a leader to use the enterprise to provide services to people with developmental disabilities across the globe. In addition to her extensive background in business administration and high-level finance, Shanny specializes in human consciousness and energy healing and as such teaches about the importance of careful word choices to help Caliva employees exceed fiscal, product and customer goals. In addition to being a Certified Restorative Touch Practitioner, Shanny is a member of the International Coaching Federation and co-author of a book titled, Lasting Gifts. She was awarded a leadership scholarship from Regis University where she earned a Bachelor of Science degree with a double major in Accounting and Business Administration and a minor in Psychology. She holds a Master of Arts degree in Not-For-Profit Leadership from Seattle University.